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Dressing up your hands

Gloves are fashion accessories with dual functionality: they fulfil a practical requirement as an accessory that covers and protects your hands from the cold, as well as another function that is purely aesthetic. Beyond their protective function,gloves can also become a chic accessory for winter clothing. Lola Casademunt's gloves combine leather with fabric or knitted fabric and adapt perfectly to your hands. Make the most of this fashion accessory that dresses up your hands with elegance!

A glove for every occasion

As with other accessories, gloves should go well with your outfit and be appropriate for the time of year, depending on the temperature. For example, los knitted gloves have a character that matches more withcasual clothing. The leahergloves are ideal for more stylish outfits, because they add a more formal touch to the outfit. When it comes to party wear party wear, let your imagination run wild and go for a long style that will embellish your hands and arms.