Trousers, style and comfort

At Lola Casademunbt we love trousers for the comfort they offer without sacrificing style. In fact, we offer a wide variety of different models, styles and types of trousers to suit all your looks. From classic straight-cut chino trousers slim-fit trousers or wide flowing trousers to party trousers. In our collection, you will also find a wide selection of elegant trousers so that you can be the perfect guest at a wedding wearing classic white trousers or make a splash with your outfit on special occasions. 

Every pair of trousers has a matching pair of shoes

Shoes become even more important when paired with trousers . In our collection, you will find many pairing possibilities, but here are a few ideas. Combining jeans or tracksuit bottoms tracksuit bottoms with sneakers, party trousers with gold sandals, shorts with platform sandals or straight-cut trousers con unas with ballerinas never fails to hit the mark for your everyday look. Elegant trousers go perfectly with sandals, heels whith handbags. Discover the whole selection!

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