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Elevate your look

Shirts are the most versatile pieces in a woman's wardrob.A wildcard that adapts perfectly to all your looks: from the most casual to the most sophisticated. There are many types ofshirts, although our favourite ones are the party shirts in black or white that we embellish with details like sequins and ones with colourful prints. At Lola Casademunt, we also like blouses with bows or ethnic style blouses with lace motifs, a ca trouser suit and blouse for a wedding or a trouser suit and blouse for a party. There is always a chic detail in all of our shirts and blouses.

Match your blouse!

Shirts and blouses will always add a formal toutch to your outfit. In general, they elevate a casual look and give it that extra touch of sophistication. The possibilities for combining this versatile garment are endless, although a good style rule is to match your shirt with your shoes. For example, we like combine a straight-cut or oversize shirt withhigh-heeled shoe and a party bag .Another option is to combine a printed shirt with jeans and a gold sandals. Finally, try mixing an ethnic style shirt with a pair of flat sandals.