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Fashion that defines you

Yourclothes say a lot about you: they define your style and enhance your personality. The way you dress is unique and is the result of combining garments, shapes, lines, volumes and colours that best suit your silhouette. At Lola Casademunt, we are as passionate about fashionable women's casual wearas we are about formal women's clothing and we adapt to the latest trends while preserving our identity through colour, mix and match and prints. Find the, dresses, skirts, T-shirt, tops, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, trousers, blazers, jumpsuits etc. that best suit your style. Feminine elegant fashion for the daring, cosmopolitan woman

Every garment has matching accessories

Lola Casademunt's casual women's clothing and elegant clothing is feminine, striking and modern, and offers a wide range of combinations with all our accessories so that you can create a personalised look that is perfect for every occasion. Find the perfect accessories for casual styling or to create an outfit for a special occasion. A scarf that adorns your neck, a belt that enhances your silhouette, elegant gloves, stylish sandals or a designer mask. We give you several suggestions depending on the clothes you like. Discover our seasonal selection!