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They say a lot about you

Shoes are the eternal object of desire for women: they become almost an obsession, and we like to accumulate pairs for every occasion. Shoes define you: they are a sign of identity that show off your values and confidence as well as saying a lot about you. Basically, tell me what shoes you wear and I'll tell you who you are and what path you tread. In our collection, there is a shoe for every occasion, and in each of our models we look for style combined with comfort. Find flat sandals, gold sandals, platform sandals, sneakers, ankle boots. Which one best suits your style?

100% combinable footwear

At Lola Casademunt we are inspired by fashion and the latest trends seen on the catwalk, enabling us to create a collection of designer shoes that do not lose sight of comfort. In addition, in our collection you will find shoes to match the rest of your accessories. The most effective alliance is to combine shoes with bags. In the collection, find out which shoes go best with a party bag, a handbag, un un or a clutch. Get the most out of your accessories!