Blazers and coats

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A must-have in your wardrobe

Blazers are the most essential garments in a woman's wardrobe because, apart from being the star garment of the mid-season, a blazer will always get you out of a tight spot. Whether you're looking for a more formal look or a more casual feel by pairing this piece with tops and T-shirts. Our collection is never short of all-roundq such as the classic black jacket or white jacket that elevate any look, sporty zip-up jackets as well as more sophisticated options, such as sequinned or pinstripe jackets.

The perfect style

Coats and blazers have that irresistible masculine touch that, when combined well, are very flattering. At Lola Casademunt, we like to combine these key garments withjeans, T-shirt and sexy tops to look feminine, cosmopolitan and elegant. But we go further, also offering you a wide variety of jewellery so that you can put the finishing touch to your outfit: try some hoop earrings , , pearl bead earrings, earrings with rhinestones or, why not? Red bracelets that give a sparkling touch to your look. Find the jewellery that suits your style!