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Diamanté to accentuate your waist

Belts are an essential fashion essential fashion accessory that can top off a look or spoil it through bad use or combination with the rest of your accessories. They are often forgotten in our wardrobes, because we don't know how to make the most of their potential beyond their functional use: cinching the waist or tightening trousers. At Lola Casademunt, we see this accessory as a small yet precious embellishment, and we design models that do not go unnoticed by fashion lovers party belts, belts for dresses, metallic belts or belts with rhinestones for special occasions. Discover the range!  

The art of matching a belt

Although we are not big fans of dress codes, there are a few simple rules to get the right belt for the right look. The most classic approach is to try to match your belt with your shoes. You can also use the size of this fashion. accessory as a guide. As a general rule, a the wider the belt, the more casual it is. If you want your belt to take centre stage, go for models with large buckles combined with skirts or with rhinestone details that match your favorite bag and add a touch of sparkle to your everyday outfit. Let your imagination run wild!