We care about you.

We know that when you visit Lola Casademunt , you are looking for the quality in the products and a distinction in customer care.

So, while we make our best endeavors to provide you continuously with the excellence that you deserve, we also care that you don’t turned deceived by a counterfeited product of a much inferior value that doesn’t fulfill your desires and expectations.

We are concerned about counterfeiting and we take it very seriously. That is why Lola Casademunt team works daily against this problem attempting to block and discontinue such illegal activities, as soon as they come to its attention.

If you care about authenticity and you wish to make sure that the product you buy is genuine, please check and find our authorized retailers within your area in the “stores” section, or you can contact us at social media, Whatsapp +34 675297468, Facebook Messenger: , Calling (+34) 938 79 39 38 from monday to thursday (only on working days) from 9am to 5pm (CET) and fridays viernes from 9am to 1pm (CET) or sending an email to this adress to get in touch with Lola Casademunt´s customer care team 

We forewarn you

If you suspect that one particular website, marketplace or social media profile may not be selling our genuine products, we invite to you read the following tips:

Authorized retailers don’t hide. If you can’t identify the seller behind a website (if you can’t find any references as regards with the name, address, contact details of the company), there may be a high risk that you have found a company or person that sells counterfeit products. 

Abusive terms and conditions of sale. Counterfeiters, usually, also impose abusive or illegal terms and conditions of sale, that do not provide warranties on their products. Please consider your consumer rights if you suspect you are facing abusive conditions of sale.

Consider our product’s value. Please bear in mind that there usually is a huge difference between the price offered by counterfeiters and the price offered by our authorized retailers, and of course there will be a big chance that you will be left with an inferior item as well.

Lola Casademunt  does not guarantee, warrant, and is not responsible for, any counterfeited products or products that are not produced by its manufacturers. If you discover that you have purchased a counterfeited good, you will have to contact directly that seller.